Ruys O'Riginals - Annemarie Ruys Fotografie


Annemarie Ruys

As a professional Documentary and Portrait Photographer,Annemarie Ruys focuses on realizing context portraits of individuals within a particular social setting.A portrait is a story with a history. Annemarie moves as in a journey of discovery, in her own pace, open minded and without prejudices.The targeted characters open their true being and allow a record of themselves, so far hidden for others. With a strong sense of intuition and drive for authenticity, Annemarie is able to realize remarkable results.Annemarie has a vast experience in the field of arts. She started out with a degree in Photography and Arts and applied her first learning in imaging many social events.Her recent work is a Portrait documentary about the disruptive growth of wealth that leads to western copycat behavior in Bali /Indonesia.

A series that found many acclaim and will be exposed even in a national museum in The Netherlands.

GlamSeekers  rijksmuseum volkenkunde leiden 12 february – 3 november 2014/ Jakarta 2015